I have used this club with an adjustment to my grip.. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. It added about 15 yards to my drive, which was already quite reasonable for someone my age. So if you have a slice problem, get one of these bad boys, stick a prov1 in front of it and let it fly yards down the left edge of the fairway. Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been delivered to our facility. I played last week and no I am not completely cured, but most of my drives were straight and therefor stayed in play.

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All in all very happy with the club!! Mint Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total.

Great service, good value, fast, efficient and timely. I’m a 24 handicapper, I do aim slightly left as I slice but when I’m down the range with this club I have every confidence with it.

Taylor Made r7 Draw Driver Reviews

Used but in fantastic shape. I played last week and no I am not completely cured, but most of my drives were straight and therefor stayed in play.

Club arrived promptly and was in good condition. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. For those of you who want to cure a slight draa and obtain a slight draw this is the club to buy. I bought my R7 draw in the mid ‘s and like other reviewers have struggled to find newer more expensive equipment to match its consistency of fairways hit. Have played the game for over 15 years and tried a number of drivers, but have always had to allow for a fade and occasionally a couple of round destroying slices.


This club is amazing! Do I need to include a headcover? My normal shot is a high fade.

Photo of the club on web site was accurate and you get a guaranteed genuine club at a fair price – why buy elsewhere? Bought as a replacement for an R 12 degree driver. The 1st picture shows the bottom of the wood. Quality for a second-hand club was excellent and exactly as described. The head is big which allows forgiveness, I still hit the ball nearly yards when I slightly duff, heel or toe the club.

It also utilizes Draw-Weighted Technology to make it easier to rotate the clubhead properly through impact, promoting a high, powerful, distance-producing draw. Draw-Weighted Technology concentrates weight in the back heel area, encouraging faster clubface rotation through impact to promote a draw. Club delivered the next day and well packaged. Confident on the tee again with the big dog.

I have played 3 games with this driver which replaced an Adams senior shaft Hi loft. I recommend Discount golf in Hartswood, Essex. I also received a prompt reply tatlormade my request to price my RBZ Driver, I checked with my Golf Club and they do work with Golfbidder, I am still considering their reasonable offer.


So if either of these are your natural shots then this is the club for you. Well not quiet but getting that way. When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a 2ndSwing.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Ladies | eBay

Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. I am now hitting the ball about yards quite consistently. Above Average Golf club has been played less than 10 rounds and is in top of the line used condition.

Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. By analyzing your swing characteristics in our state-of-the-art facilities, our fitters can help you identify which driver is right for you and customize the length, loft, and face angle to give you longer, straighter, more consistent drives.

My mate was so impressed with the way it straightened my drives that he tried it out for himself.