Notify me of new comments via email. What am I doing wrong? Patches are always welcome and I know the problem you are working on has been put forward by a feature request, so I know other people would appreciate it as well:. There are several supported formats of the Oracle connection string. Wednesday at

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Previously I had a bad syntax for my connection string and was not connecting. Friday at Did you check the forums and help on the SquirelSQL site at http: What did you have to change?

Unable to connect to Oracle DB using Squirrel

I checked and you are right, the source can not be compiled without JDK 1. Follow this blog via your RSS reader. Monique Pels Tribute Page. Verify that is starts up, and that your drivers are missing.

I’m running squirrel 3. For now, it does the job. I made the check less strict allowing JDK 1.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first thing to try is the SQL editor view in Squirrel. The build structure was established before my arrival.


Thanks Siegfried This fragment of java code successfully connects from my windows 7 host to my oracle linux guest running the oracle database: In our own query tool from Invantive we have a discover module which just searches various sources for available databases.

ORPOS Configuration: How-To Connect SquirreL to the Store and Corporate Databases

The classpath orzcle built dynamically when SQuirreL is launched using the squirrel-sql. Saturday at Connection problem with oracle. At the end of the value in this property, add a colon, and a reference to your copied library.

This change had to be made to launch the updater application before SQuirreL starts. Fill in your details below thib click an icon to log in: This site uses cookies. Wednesday at Just a heads up — we may be re-doing the launch mechanism for the next major release 3. I posted this on the squirrel mailing list yesterday and since I have not received a response, I thought I would try here too.

Connecting to oracle DB using Squirrel 3.3.0

This is the connection string i use for oracle in squirrel you seem to be missing quite a few of the things I have jdbc: No backup and sync provider offers this level of security. You should be able to start eclipse with 1.


Currently working with SequelPro, great tool, but no Oracle the database support. There seems to be an error in Version. I have tried to preserve it, even though I would agree that it should probably be overhauled.

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Just checked out the 3. I must say the directory structure and the ant build file feel somewhat convoluted, I had to manually fix he buildpath on my Mac Eclipse installation to get it to work. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.