Win the monthly 4sysops member prize for IT pros. The duration of the file copy will depend on the size of your database and the performance of the underlying storage. Querying the policy through diskpart shows this. Ravi September 5, at 2: The other critical factor for performance is the medusa cache. Off I went to Cisco Ticket , who it must be said really went out of his way to help. These releases provide support for new hardware platforms, security vulnerability fixes, additional accessories, and more.

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The amount a database should autogrow will vary based on the rate of growth in your database, as will the file size limit so consider these values carefully. Anyone else like pioneering?


Up next, Part 4 where we cover the latest and most exciting development pgscsi scaling storage Performance for Monster VMs. Now if we look at our current database, we can see it has one database file and one log file as shown below. Again, the virtual machine was powered down, disk controller was changed, booted back up, and allowed to settle down for a couple of minutes before the run. If the DBA is not confident doing this, you can also pbscsi add multiple virtual disks connected via multiple PVSCSI controllers and create a stripe in guest via Disk Manager and this will also give you the benefit of multiple vdisks.


Franciel May 10, at 5: Matt February 20, at 7: Now pvecsi OVA file is basically just a zip containing other files needed for the virtual machine. Thank you Chris for sharing. I’ll update the discussion once I receive an update.

The result is that it is impossible to install a new VM running Windows Server out of the box. The answer to both, thankfully is Yes!

Mike June 23, at 9: If the size of the original database is for example 10GB with say 2GB free space and you plan to split the database across 4 drives, then each of the new databases should be sized at no more than 2GB each to begin with. Jarrod Pvscsk 19, at 7: It is possible just to delete the. Created by Wes Austin pvssi Below is an example from the UCS blade adaptor logs. Nothing came of that either. Or only for certain cases such as DB servers?

A reset would take place, and we would loose a disk in the VM. Next we want to configure autogrow onto our databases so they can grow during business as usual operations. We turn off powershell via Group Policy for our clients. This process cleans up white space pvscsk space within the database.


Regardless, the hashes of the.

VMware LSI SAS vs PVSCSI vs NVMe Controller Performance

We had a TAC ticket, and did many of the same stat gathering as suggested, including swapping from twin-axe cables. Notify me of new posts by email. A reboot of the VM and everything was OK, for a while. The above shows ovscsi database are configured to autogrow by MB up to a limit of MB each. Starboy commented on Offline activate the built-in administrator on Windows 10 without signing in 12 hours, 19 minutes ago.

How-to enable PvSCSI and when

Then we copy the log file and pvscai it into the new log drive. After following up several times I had given up waiting for an answer but I am pleased to say today 2nd November I finally got a reply.

The only downside is you will need to take your DB offline to copy it to the new volume pvscssi bringing it back online. I would like to run your findings by our VMware support engineer to get their thoughts.