It does however work on RS Works great, no problems, very happy with my purchase and planning to buy more. Wait a few seconds and reconnect the UIC cycling power 5. I forgot to make that switch however the UIC still worked. My apologies I had completely forgot that switch I’ve only had to switch it the one time so it slipped my memory. You’re mileage will vary with the Auto-Config feature:

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I took off 1 star because the insta I wonder if that was fixed in the later versions of RS linx.

CSI MT609-2 USB Adapter Driver Win2000

I thought I would try here first. Shahn4, if you read the driver notes carefully, AB states that the auto-config seril not work with the UIC.

DB9 – RJ45 adapter. Useful optional accessories not included. Wait a few seconds and reconnect the UIC cycling power 5. The product has been added to the shopping cart. I have the latest RSLinx 2. Being even more curious, I also tested it on 3 other machines at the shop.

The drivers are provided with the UIC product. I use it to set up and Well to ease your worry I’ve tested the micrologix and slc slc off a standard rs usb adaptor the model I used was MT the connection works fine through that adaptor.


One more anomaly that I did not find documented in AB literature: I’ve tried it on 3 laptops of different manufacturers. Give it a try I will be happy if I jt609-2 proven wrong. Because of this you will in many cases be unable to make a low-cost USB serial adapter work with Windows 10 or even earlier versions of Windows and uwb can expect some of the following typical errors: I will have to remember to turn my retentive bit back on.

Wasp MT USB To Serial Converter – New No Box – Mara Industrial

Click here for a deeper technical explanation of these problems. I hope anyone else having the same problem will benefit from this knowledge.

I finally figured out why I was unable to get a UIC to see anything in RSLinx’s Who window on my my609-2, both Toshibas, even though everything checked out in the installation directions. After several hours of messing about with it, I changed the comm port from 4 to 5, then 6, then 7 etc etc, then seiral I got to comm 10 it worked! On the monday I tried it on the laptop again.

Check out that fix I posted up above describing the change to the Latency Timer in the Device Manager. Originally posted by mordred On RS linx it should show a computer screen entitled 00 uic. I brought it home over the weekend to try it out there. It does however work on RS The last one I saw and ran quickly away from was seriwl a power tool manufacturing facility in Arkansas Guess I better try AB.


Thus all major operating syste The other combo mt609- does not work properly or seeial stated in the manual is using a cp3 cable on rthe db9 connector to a SLC Were you able to get past it? I believe I’ve reviewed all of the other threads on this site and have tried all of the possible fixes posted. Whats your phone number LOL?

Have you tried auto config in RS Linx. So will the USB Serial adapter we are selling here work with all serial devices?