Thinking about it, I need to clarify that the drivers I saw on ebay a few years ago were listed as H, but as we all know, the driver itself isn’t marked -only the diaphragm. Last edited by notengewirr; at I’ve been “donated” a bunch of bits from some MR and MR series boxes, and hope to make use of the comps. The time now is The differences are largely cosmetic.

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I just bought a pair of Radian for use in JBL drivers. They really sound smoother than the Ti’s.

A bit less top end than the later drivers with slit phase plug. The back of the has 16 printed on it next to the and J as part of the main body reference description. I also own 4 H drivers, and it’s phase plug has radial slits.

Didnt expect the crossover to be so low When I mounted the bad diaphragm to the H and pushed on it, the space between the diaphragm and phase plug was MUCH greater, perhaps times as much as on the definitely not right. I suppose that the LF driver could pressure up the cabinet high enough and long enough at very low frequencies to modulate the HF diaphragm through that vent hole.

JBL H1 Compression Driver 8 Ohm. | eBay

Originally Posted by grumpy. All these seem like measures to cut back on production costs more ubl anything else I can’t imagine an aftermarket diaphragm sounding anywhere near right in a -but jbk “fit”. It appears they will, but are there any other smaller details for me to be aware of? Possibly an aftermarket diaphragm was installed. Ok there is no need for a replace ,but some people said the Radians are more “refined” sounding and have less distortion because of lower mass.


I have never seen ferrofluid in any JBL drivers, including the ones I have that the diaphragms are labelled H If you want people to feel the bass then a reflex design is jgl best as you get the most air movement per decibel from those.

This is only my educated guess and not to be construed as fact. As far as I know, that looks like a phase plug. Now i read about the replacing Radian drivers with aluminium diaphragm and Mylar surrounding. Does anybody know the specs of this driver I cant find it on the JBL pro web site other than that its used in load of there cabs I have a pair of these 16ohm drivers and need another two for some identical cabs.

The speakers are in very good condition and the woofers are refoamed and measured with data sheet by a german professional: I only heard the plugs with slots are cheeper to produce. I joked about it being a tuned port for hbl rear chamber.


The noise has gone. Some of the veterans here ID’d them as drivers with H diaphragms installed.

There was a little space and he had problems to center the diaphragm exactly. Originally Posted by notengewirr. None are working right now: These farting sounds comes out of the Horn-Front.

JBL 2416 H1 Compression Driver 8 Ohm.

Considering that your ‘s and your friends’? Speak of the devil and the devil shows up! Ok, then JBL must have matched the crossovers for these early Versions here is a pic from my crossover: The DC resistance of an 8 ohm H or H1 is 3.

The Brochure posted on jblpro. You cannot post new topics in jbk forum You cannot reply 2146 topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this jbll You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Those “aftermarket” diaphragms that claim to fit, and drivers, are correct only in that they don’t hit the phase plug, but that is it.