Retrieved April 6, Once your MSN numbers are set up, you can allocate them to your equipment as you want. B-channels can also be used to carry data, since they are nothing more than digital channels. They allow the digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary copper telephone wires, bringing better voice quality and quicker data transfer speeds. For other uses, see ISDN disambiguation. The service is also useful for EFTPOS applications and where low volumes of data need to be sent to remote locations regularly e. The Call Center Dictionary:

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If your broadband and telephony are sharing the same analogue line and your organisation requires more lines using the same number you would need to order a multi-line service chhannel below.

Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: This was commonplace in the 20th century, but has since become less so. It is the equivalent of 30 analogue lines each of which work at 64kbps. These are individual numbers that can be requested and added to the line. ISDN2e This service allows your customers to make phone calls while transmitting files and videoconferencing.

ISDN2e & ISDN30e Lines

How much do ISDN calls cost? An ISDN2e line can offers speeds of up channnel kbps when the two channels are combined to connect to the internet, which is more than twice as fast as an analogue modem.


PRI uses out of band signaling which provides the 23 B channels with clear 64 kb for voice and data and one 64 kb ‘D’ channel for signaling and messaging. Previously, in AprilJapanese digital telephone exchange hardware made by Fujitsu was used to experimentally deploy the world’s first I interface ISDN.

A Guide to Telephone Line Types – Helping you to decide what you need

See ‘MSN’ later for more details. ISDN is used heavily by the broadcast industry as a reliable way of switching low-latency, high-quality, long-distance audio circuits.

Retrieved 27 June It is then up to your terminal equipment to use that information.

On BT’s standard tariff, inland call charges are the same as on a regular analogue line. These are connected via T1 lines with the central office switch, replacing older analog two-way and direct inward dialing DID trunks. The call is originating from the switch where the trace was taken and goes out to some other switch, possibly an end-office LECwho terminates the call. There is a second viewpoint: In those cases, you might want to have your phone number or numbers deliverable across ANY of the lines, rather than tied to just one line and this requires DDI’s.

Retrieved 12 May If your line and equipment supports “Call Bumping” then one of the 64Kbps channels can be dropped temporarily to allow an incoming voice call to be taken. Multiple devices can be attached to the line, and used as needed. A telephone network can be thought of as a collection of wires strung between switching systems.


The service was seen as a solution in search of a problem[10] and the extensive array of options and features were difficult for customers to understand and use. Although the Highway wallbox provides analogue ports itself, you can still use Terminal Adaptors or izdn2e with their own analogue ports, thus making ixdn2e use of your allocated numbers.

Also, a greater number of features are available and fraud is reduced.

Integrated Services Digital Network

This works just like ISDN2e except that in addition to the digital stanadrd blue sockets on the main wallbox, there are two analogue sockets, into which you can plug a standard phone or other analogue equipment. As well as being used for data, an ISDN line can call carry voice calls. Retrieved from ” https: A multiline is a group of telephone lines with one telephone number.

For larger organisations, the correct solution is ISDN Each of these channels provides bandwidth i. The D channel can also be used for sending and receiving X.

Check with your line supplier e. Multiline A multiline is a group of telephone lines with one telephone number.