Only reading BatteryPower, no overlays! The DU Kernel, works with no issues with audio. As the name suggests, this keeps your GPU running at the max frequency. Improvement and updating of Governors. Therefore, touch boost bloat is removed.

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Its similiar to the Lionheart gov. Therefore performance and battery drain shouldn’t be influenced that big. Dan wants to start optimization of hotplugging hotplyg month and asked me to open this thread to collect your current settings and values.

The default is 5. Look at description above enabled: The system crash the same as before. This is performance oriented governor.


Today I’ll start with profiling hotplugs. This is a governor if you want the best possible experience in games but you don’t care kntelliplug your battery life. Therefore, touch boost bloat is removed.

I am not responsible in any way for anything that occurs as a result of your use of this kernel. Drop me a line faust93 if u want ftp access to it. Lower value corresponds to delay in turning off second core. Want to add to the discussion?


Setting a higher value will bias the governor towards lower frequency steps. Haldi OP Oct InteractiveX v2 Also developed by Imoseyon feat.

Question regarding kernel settings self. Upon rebuilding, it whent smoothly, and seems to work great! Nebula A port of the Interactive governor based on msm Hotpug still obtains the same great balance between battery life and performance found in the original interactive governor and improves it even further. Threshold run queue length for third core to turn off. Not gonna happen anytime soon!

Hope for the best for this one: News for Android developers Thoughtful, informative intelliplkg Insightful talks and presentations Useful libraries Handy tools Open source applications for studying Read the rules!

A hotplug is a controller that chooses how many of your cpu cores are going to be used at once.

Haldi’s Benchmark Thread for Governors&Undervolting&Overclocking the Z2

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Will try with msm hotplug from hellcore kernel instead and if that doesn’t work I’ll try franco’s. Sony Xperia Z5 SoC: A mix of ConservativeX and Lionheart.


I know that sounds a lot like a governor, but a governor governs at what frequency the core s are used, and a hotplugger allows you to turn off cores that do not need to be utilized right now. P gonna do a full overview tomorrow.

[KERNEL][E975] F93 Gproj v2.2, AK, Franco Kernels & Multirom v22 E975

I’m from the Lou and I’m proud. I highly recommend Kernel Adiutor for detailed and granular control of settings. To recreate the issue do the following: There is nothing that needs to be improve, intslliplug good as it is!

Don’t know what to answer in this case.