Access the Call service screen. I am waiting for your comments. Making Calls In the Outbox, you can dial out a number of a receiver whom a message has been sent to. When you have any missed call, the amount of missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on the main screen. Huawei Source Exif Data [ exif. I will certainly comeback. Enter the number directly with the keyboard of your computer.

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Finally followed the steps and got the data card to work.

The duration hawei the current connection The data volume of the current connection The volume, rate huawei cdma ec325 the top rate of the current sending and received data Note: Click on to disconnect the connection. If this limit is exceeded, the message will be divided into several messages and sent one by one. Please give me the steps. Do not allow children to use the wireless device without guidance. The reliance site changes or changed … try a default google search yaar.

Do not place the wireless device on the seat or other places where huawei cdma ec325 can get moving in a sudden stop or collision.

Huawei-EC Wireless Card for sale – CDMA Wireless Card manufacturer from china ().

Many wireless network devices can be turned on or off. If it is turned on then see Section 3. This site uses cookies. Do not allow children huawei cdma ec325 use your wireless device without guidance.


how to connect Huawei EC cdma modem with ubuntu

If you are sure to do this, click and the messages are huwwei permanently. Standing for read messages. If no storage space is available in your UIM card for huawei cdma ec325 reports, the “Request status report” option is invalid, please contact your UIM card provider for details. I dont think RCom has yet updated their 64bit drivers online.

Reliance USB Huawei EC325 CDMA data modem installation

Quikr will call you shortly to verify the Mobile Number entered by you Hjawei wait for our Call. How to get Huawei cdma ec325 window from Ubuntu.

If you failed to do huawei cdma ec325 after 10 times, your UIM card would not operate. For details of the operation, please consult the network operator.

Only qualified personnel may service or repair the wireless device.

Huawei EC325 CDMA Wireless Network Card

It is very helpful if you provide me the software for the same. What about Vista 64 bit guys!? They are for vista!! Verified Ads get more genuine responses To verify, Give a Fdma Call huawei cdma ec325 the below number Its completely free!


Press this key to answer an incoming call. With the Setting of Sound Alert When there is an incoming call, you will huawei cdma ec325 a sound alert: Step Operation and description Select an item. You can use the control key on the earphone to answer or reject an incoming call conveniently: When starting, check unread message When the program starts, it will check the unread messages in the UIM card and the data card. huawei cdma ec325

Input the content of the message and huawei cdma ec325. Step 52 Operation and description Select one or more items. Chandigarh Type your city name. The EC supports to send a message to a group of up to 20 numbers.

I have installed 64 bit version of win xp but not supporting the ec data card, can someone tell me where i huawei cdma ec325 huzwei the driver for 64 bit xp? Relevant trouble ev325 hints are reproduced here.