Copy’n’Paste from ejtagles eMail-reply Well, in fact, ther is a way to “disable” this feature And under XP vdub caps fine using these wdm drivers. Well, I didn’t unzip that archive yet, dunno what’s in there. Alas capturing with VDub should work with. When DMA was enabled on the hard drives, I got strange interference.

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Uninstall and remove the old drivers first with that btinstaller. Active WebCam – no comment http: In this case, I have a 4 channel card, hence the 4 video and 4 audio drivers: Real simple solution, I generid it works on my machine: I have tried to tune my card with these drivers to no avail using flyDS.

I only found it using google. Unfortunately it doesnt work for me. If you have drivers properly installed for your card, they will look something like this. Maybe you don’t have the BTwincap driver installed correctly?

Those drivers are great. I tested your app in Windows ME this morning, Koepi. Hope it’s as simple as that.

I didn’t get lines when I turned it off. Didn’t find a solution yet – and I’m definatly too lazy too install both win and win98 driver development kits I tried the win98 DDK but that didn’t help it so I’m a little lost to try out if those missing compiles produce this result.


How to btwoncap color correction using the Gradie Eduardo provided me with the necessary information so I can try to code a little app which can switch that key on and off. The bad news is my boot drive crashed hardware failure The btiwncap drivers does not work with my card.

Thanks again, and Cheers! I really would like to know the difference and not just that the price makes it better. Mybe btwinczp time to upgrade your OSes?

Please follow the following steps to properly install and configure your capture card: BrookTree BThow to tune tv? Hi admin, can you please make this thread on sticky.

So your trying to compile Dscaler or btdrivers?

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

Results 1 to 30 of The free, universal btwincap driver, Btinstaller. There’s not much to do but then I can’t do much anyway. Hopefully my hd isnt to slow Finally I can gendric dump Windows 98 SE. This thread hadn’t had a post in 4 years until you added to it, which by the way, we generally disapprove of digging up old threads and adding to them years later. With it off, it worked fine in that there was no interference.


What kinda worked was starting the amcap app which is in the utils zip on the btwincap btwinacp page, then btwlncap DScaler which didnt work with a error about ‘overlay not available’shutting down dscaler, which kinda broke amcap to the point where i couldnt kill it off anymore on w2k!

Ah, ok, google search. You should have system to display CPU performance window at the same time, this will tell you whether it is bandwidth and CPU utlization problem or not. Reliable and not resource hungry as well.

Very very few of these companies have CCTV background before coming to market with their dvr products.