Where the GPS mounts, i. It has been used in the rain before. I would recommend you download and install the Garmin software from the web. However, I am having a problem doing this with the Zumo Breathing new life into this thread. So we did not go far and I did not use the GPS at all. Thanks, -ceej PS I believe that the usb port on the Zumo mounts are for attaching devices that provide traffic information.

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Thanks for your suggestions, folks. I did discover that the usb plug on the cable harness had ‘moved itself’ to a position where it certainly was possible that it had gotten damp if not wet. Template was not done but GE was stopped dead in its tracks.

I’d contact Garmin and ask them. They are generally very helpful. To troubleshoot, make sure that you plug the usb cable directly into a usb port on your PC, using the Garmin gaarmin Then once every 5 minutes.

Garmin Zumo USB Question

Clicked on “Install All” and it popped up with a two hour thirty minute install time. PhilSpaceMar 24, Got it off without using a crowbar plugged in the short USB cable supplied. The registration screen indicates that it is searching for my GPS but it doesn’t find it. Mine is a MacBook Pro. Once you get things going, you can try again Second, most USB devices need some kind of device driver installed to be fully functionnal.


Try to reboot after the installation. It is hard to believe there is; I mean, how could harmin be waterproof? The GPS then gave me the pop up to install the battery. Results 1 to 19 of Downloaded “Garmin Express” then tried to remember how to remove the battery cover.

Zumo 660 USB cable error

From that site I could do whatever I wanted on all my garmins. Alternatively how does one waterproof a 3.

GJun 27, If someone has, please tell me how you resolved it. What a great excuse to get to ride the new machine another zum miles round-trip!

Updates & Downloads

However, I am having a problem doing this with the Zumo And if so, how can I make this waterproof? Tuesday Decided to ride using the Garmin today since I was looking for a residence in unfamiliar territory. However, as soon as I attached the other end to my PC the message popped up. I’ve tried three different USB cables, including the short one that came with the Zumoand get the same results with each one. Last edited by Bob Ledford; at When you say it will not turn on do you mean that it does not completely 660 up or it only goes to the splash screen?


Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

I rode the Spyder to the dealer this afternoon to pick up the new GPS, and while I was there they also replaced the analog fuel gauge. DanMeslohMar 23, At this point I’m just going to assume so until I see the message again.

Charm of invisibility, Reparo Charm cuts down on service cost One always wonders about roads not taken. Here is what the top of garmij mount looks like: