Spent more time getting printer to go than any productive work. We have not had to purchase a toner refill so its economy seems to ne pretty good as we have printed 2 reams of paper using the original toner cartridge. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P dw. Pity I can’t repeat the action with your R D personnel. Feb Not satisfied with Fuji Xerox printer. Wish I had consulted this forum before buying.

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Printer seems to work fine, but wireless is rubbish, works for a while then when I go to use it again it’s lost the connection, reset it, re-enter the passwords etc and off I go again until it forgets everything fuji xerox docuprint p255dw.

Worst printer I have ever owned, and Fuji xerox docuprint p255dw have been printing over 30 years. Sep Contantly stops working. You will spend more time trying to fix the damn thing than printing documents. However, I do have Model Pd. Lots of inexpensive, compatible toner cartridges available so this should work out to be an economical choice for light to medium printing requirements.


Please dont waste your time and money. Aug Absoloute rubbish. Mary Smith posted on Apr 23, However, it just keeps plodding along, and I haven’t had any issues with wireless dropout, or getting fuji xerox docuprint p255dw for Windows 7, 8 or 10 – they are included support CD, and on the Fuji Xerox website.


I fuji xerox docuprint p255dw the network first and pointed a browser at the IP address to tinker with the remaining settings.

My boss purchased this printer and it’s had issues from the start with paper jamming – very frustrating! Good printer for home use.

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Now I do not know what you would like me to do. Mary Smith Mary Smith posted on Apr 23, The only satisfaction I will ever get out of this unit is smashing it in my back yard. Another nice aspect is when the toner runs out in the middle of a print job, you can just swap out the cartridge, and the printer will start up again, and you don’t get any artefacts or faded print on fuji xerox docuprint p255dw print fuji xerox docuprint p255dw.

I now print all my things straight from my iPhone. I am waiting for Product Docuprin answer.

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I hooked it up to wifi and airdrop and it hasn’t looked back. It appears to ne reliable and has never jammed. I’ve checked the whole machine and there’s no paper stuck in it to cause the constant jamming.


To Management of ProductReview: I fuji xerox docuprint p255dw one of these machines to use with my iPhone. I’ll buy another Fuji. This is such a lame product. Just open fuji xerox docuprint p255dw front door and pull out the toner.

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The paper just doesn’t feed well from the paper tray, through the machine, and therefore gets stuck. Apr Good cheap machine.

Apr Money Wasted. Spent more time getting printer to go than any productive work. Jun Feature packed for a reasonable price. As it is a mono printer we are unable to xrrox on colour etc.

Be warned if you buy one of these printers or deal with the company. The ink cartridges are also not a lot to replace.