The carriage moves, but printing is not performed at all. Push the notch of the frame, which secures the carriage guide plate to the frame, and slide the carriage guide plate to the left to remove it. Removal of Ribbon Mask ig. Refer to the Parallel Interface Timing Chart for the timing of the signals. The printhead is defective. The timing belt is defective.

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For 64K external memory assignmentAl 3 through Al 5 are input to the address decoder in the gate array.

When attaching a ring to the right pulley shaft, set it so that its opening faces to the right. Jap tight Stight IO 1.

Verify that the printhead or head cable is firmly in- serted into the connector. Register Your Product To register your new product, click the button below. Receives the paper end signal printwr the printer mechanism.

And after that, the paper feed motor rotates both back and prrinter for each 16 steps to fix the back-rush between the motor pinion and gears. Refer to Figure Solution Reset the ribbon cartridge. Driving Pulley Carriage Motor Fig. Figure shows the block diagram of the power supply circuit.


Click “Add” to insert your video. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Printhead Printing Operation. M4 x 12 1XC. Verify that the timing belt is inserted firmly into the carriage.

Turned clockwise – The platen gap narrows.

Have wep LX 800 DX (WIPRO) printer and we want to work with printer on Windows 7

Remove the five screws securing the ROC filter unit to the base plate. Insert the print- head or head ca- ble firmly. The line buffer is shown in Figure Turn the left carriage guide shaft lever fully counterclockwise and pull it out through cutout A. The time period for each step is the same, 2. The rollers are driven by the prlnter of the gear, and the inked ribbon is fed.

The basic phase switching speed is PPS phase driveand the phase switching is performed according to the phase pattern stored in the firmware. Sorry this didn’t help. Standard Parallel Replace the connection cable from the host com- puter.


Full text of “Epson LX Technical Manual”

Select the questions to view the answers My printout has lines running through it. AN7 -4 can be used as the input terminals to detect the leading edge and to set the test flag upon detection of the trailing edge. Epwon the tabs out from the frame.

Initializes the gate array. Printer Mechanism Unit Repair.

Why the EPSON LX 800 printer is not operative in windows 10 X86??

The common wires of the head cable are disconnected. Ribbon Mask Xd Fig. The operation described below is inhibited to protect the printhead from being damaged.

Printing Start Position Fig. Printing tests, including those of the interface circuits, can be performed without using external equipment: Both the left and right side covers can be removed at the same time.