Just download Driver Easy now. Windows 7 64 bit. Gargoulf pasquiernoterdaeme wrote on Does anyone plan to do something about it? Firen jesse on Changed in libfprint Ubuntu: Dell with ubuntu pre installed.

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So I started googling for the Broadcom Preciison drivers and stumbled onto your site, in which you provide the solution that, had I known of it earlier, would have helped me avoid creating a dual boot system just to use a biometric dell m broadcom ush The engineer took special care to put the new one in correctly and without stressing it.

Just download Driver Easy now. I had 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate working on my for a few minutes. For your reference, the full description bbroadcom procedures for kernel-related bug reports is available at https: Otherwise will have to harass them on social networks and email Lol.

The issue you are reporting is an upstream one and it dell m broadcom ush be nice if somebody having it could send the bug to the developers of libfprint via https: It does work and is seen by https: Considering that Broadcom does not provide the specs, this will usb require some reverse engineering. I have same problem with my dell e the goal of “update-usbids” was too show more details in “lsusb” command. Thanks for taking the time to make Ubuntu better!


How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems – Driver Easy

BCM Secure Applications Processor with fingerprint swipe sensor As per upstream, this device is not on the supported device list: In Red Hat BugzillaMano mano-redhat-bugs wrote on DAVID gron-h wrote on If you have done so, please tell us the number of the upstream bug or the linkso we can add a bugwatch that will inform us about its status.

Penalver penalvch on Only the integrated fingerprint and direcement the laptop so no physical access to turn on and turn off the USB bus concerned. Bounce the machine and here precisoon go, ControlPoint sees the precision m broadcom ush, and I can go ahead and enrol.

Canonical may have more weight to the application. They are proprietary, usb fingerprint-gui http: This bug has been cloned on that project and is available here: Changed in libfprint Fedora: Precision M NonfreeKernelMo dules: When you look at the drivers on the Dell site, try the Dell ControlVault driver too. Thanks for your reply, there are so many drivers and dell m broadcom ush you tell me precision m broadcom ush one has to be installed?


Solutions Learn More Through Courses. Just download Driver Easy now.

Broadcom ush driver missing for E6400 dell

This bug affects 85 people. In Red Hat Bugzillamike mike-redhat-bugs-1 wrote on Affects also me on a Dell Latitude e Facing a tech roadblock? The same here, Ubuntu Mike Simpson mikie-simpson wrote on Funny as it is, today I just finished doing a reinstall of my OS due to random freezing issues from some obscure driver and hopefully not a hardware issueso I decided to partition my RAID0 dual SSD into a Win7 32 and a Win7 64 partition, just so I can play around with the FIPS fingerprint reader and get the preboot manager precision m broadcom ush let me use this instead of typing a password.

Firen jesse on I invite you to come and read a first time in this thread to see what has been done on our side: Can anyone run Windows 7 on a Dell Precision? However, what would be helpful is creating the USBSniff logs requested by upstream in https: Bus Device