Each Spectrum All-In-One consumables kit contains all the rollers, lamps and cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep your scanner up and running trouble free, for one year of scanning based on a volumes of up to 10, documents scanned per day. Separate procedures will be indicated for simplex scanners where procedures are different. As documents travel through the transport, they are guided by seven sets of transport rollers. The top ultrasonic sensor emits an ultrasonic wave through the document. A Limitation It is important to know that there is an ultrasonic multifeed limitation: For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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Please keep in mind that the higher the image quality, the lower the compression level.

Bell And Howell Copiscan 8000 Spectrum Operator’s Manual

After approximately two and a half minutes, the calibration process is complete, and the control sheets are ejected. All Copiscan Spectrum models ship with the following software: One suggested way, is to run it under water while squeezing the foam on the roller. No, the new skimmer assembly needs the Skimmer Weight part number S Rev. Black – all background pixels are set to black and the Snap To White checkbox is disabled.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. To begin the upgradestart or restart the PC, and log in with a user name and spcetrum that has Windows Admin rights. However, you can also set the scanner to Better, Best or to a custom setting. All Spectrum models copiscan spectrum with the following software. Don’t show me this message again.


Can the timer be changed? Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 2.

Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

Moving either guide toward the center of the tray also moves the other one the same distance toward the center. Feeder Sensor Location 6. A dialog box will open and ask you what application or program to run with. The information listed below is technical in nature.

Paper size — the longer the paper, the longer it will take to scan Paper orientation — documents take longer when scanned in portrait mode; today, many software applications like VRS can be configured to rotate the image as the document is copiscan spectrum so that they can be scanned long-edge first while coppiscan on the screen correctly Resolution, rated in dots per inch dpi — The higher the dpi setting, the longer spectru takes to scan any given page.

This statement does not vopiscan promote the use of such cleaners, only cautions the user to their effects. The theory is that when two documents feed through, the maximum thickness parameter will be exceeded and the scanner will signal a multifeed. Search for a file named: New School Some claim that you should never stop scanning under any circumstances, including when the scanner detects a copiscan spectrum.

Ultrasonic multifeed detection with “Ignore-by-size” functionality, which allows the scanner to handle envelopes, photographs spectrkm sticky notes without mistakenly identifying them as multifeeds and interrupting scanning.


Bowe Bell + Howell Copiscan Spectrum

Additionally, in duplex scanning, the front and back pages will have independent color detection and output so that the front side may be captured in color and the backside in spectrym, or vice versa. Press “Yes to All” when prompted for file uninstall 3. On the Edit menu, click Modify. Image enhancement in completed with VRS.

What is the rated throughput at dots per inch copjscan on each CopiScan Spectrum models? To use this feature: Stapled papers even after removing the pins are held together at the point where the pin was!

Posted on Mar 02, Be copiscab first to answer. When the scanner is set to notify, the scanner will beep only when it detects any multifeeds. Yes the Multi-feed detection can be set to ignore 2 sheets of paper up to ten inches long.

Disable any of the following VRS software features that you do not need in your particular application:. Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages per minute PPM include:. It contains 13 buttons that control basic operation and a two-line display.