Skip to main content. Releasing Group Registrations Eagerly awaiting your review. All pictures you’re going to see here are the “After” pictures as I didn’t think about posting this until most of the work was done. An MD cannot be inserted. Fixed the badly mangled wire, temporarily for now as I’m not sure what length of speaker wire I’m going to use in the end , but the funny part is my temporary fix is miles better than what this guy had done as a full-time fix! Erasing All Tracks

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Don’t have an account? In a 4th place he used a small wire nut lol.

Sony CMT-M333NT Manuals

cmt-m333ntt Not like I’d be using MDs anyway but again the goal here is to fully restore this thing functionally and to get it looking good cosmetically. I think I had it the other way around to begin with when I first disassembled the panel but I’m not sure which is right now. So now I go through all the time to put the old motor back in, just to see Using The Radio Data System rds There is much more that could be said about this unit – suffice it to say that you won’t be disappointed.


If anyone is wondering why I bothered with this much effort, well I dunno that’s kind of what I do sometimes haha. System Limitations Of Mds Before You Start Recording Adjusting The Sound It was also a cmt-m333bt the rotary encoder worked because it’s main “mount” points non-electrical but soldered in to ground were basically broken right off the board–solder pads separated underneath.

Instead the MD section serves almost as if it were the main controller of the unit–it really is an MD-centric unit. Skip to main content. The tape deck, believe it or not, worked fine even with the warped door and the drive belt seems to be fine as well.

Registering Tracks In Groups I’m sure not many frequent these forums any longer Agoraquest has also become a dead zone but I’ve made a couple interesting Sony “kijiji purchases” in the past 6-months or so.

Far more hours of labour put into it than what I had paid for it. That ring is really not necessary but I found that too, so that was nice.

Sony CMT-MNT Manuals

I figured it must be the rather stiff and rackety sled cmt-3m33nt. Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. MD of course is just a faded memory by now and Sony otherwise seems to have gone downhill other than SCE–Playstation division. Great feature is that you can plug the USB cable into any computer at use it as a sound card for that computer in PC mode.


Sony CMT-M333NT User Manual

Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Clearly a good work. Setting The Clock Hi MDX i have this same model cmt-m33nt i have been using almost daily since it was released, it was the top end model at the time and still out performs anything i have looked at since.

This meant there was just too cjt-m333nt pressure the magnetic catch notwithstanding to properly rotat the disc. Support by Sony Mobile App. SO much time wasted! I went to work on dismantling the pickup assembly, desoldering both motors from their boards and doing the swap.

Support by Sony mobile app: I’ll touch on those in the next post which will be the review though. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Undoing the last edit Changing the recorded — Undo Function level after recording You can use this function to