Nice club and straight Love the look of the club and yea its got a differnt sound when you hit the ball but its easy to get over that when you see it land in the middle of the fairway, let my golf partner hit it one night on league and didn’t get it back, he bought it off me that night, he loves it! My drives are finally fading again reliably! I paid a good price for it at the time on eBay, but in a matter of just a couple of months the priced dropped dramitically. Also I wonder about not using beta titanium in the face which is much harder but I still recommend the hogan driver but get one grade stiffer than the listed flex, but it is LOUD. To be notified when we do, plea. Aldila NV shaft R flex and draw bias clubhead set-up made it practically effortless to keep the ball in play.

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I have owned four drivers in the past three years. In my opinion, this is a terrific driver that was poorly marketed cc in the era of cc, Callaway screwing up the Hogan brand and hobbled by a terrible shaft I hate Aldila NV in drivers, and the Hogan NV feels very tip soft to me. It has a very authoritative sound when it makes contact to say the least. All are top notch and feel great. I have regular flex on all my other clubs and don’t have a high swing speed, 41 years old, but the larger heads tend to twist more and maybe the stiffer shaft helps keep it in line better.


Helps correct ball trajectory for those who commonly fade or slice the golf ball. I got on E-bay and ordered a draw bias, I purchased the club used, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

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I think its an A flex I have. It has a strange design almost like a Baas relief with framed weights along the edges but its appearance at set up is like other drivers. The draw didn’t really seem to do much for me I don’t think. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Probably the best feeling driver I have ever hit–the ball seems to stay on the clubhead forevever 4. If it had taylormade written on itit would sell all day long.

The Ben Hogan CS-3 driver is as easy to hit as any club in my bag. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

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I hit it decent, but not great. Can actually get it to draw sometimes.


Most relevant Most recent Ratings: It includes feedback about the seller. I think the FTX irons are the best I have ever hit. I have a 22 handicap and a rather fast swing. The shaft was a bit heavy, but the great sound and good feel made up for it. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. To be notified when we do, plea.

The feel didn’t knock my socks offs. Hogan has long been revered for their classic forged irons but it has been over a decade hoan they had a solid driver presence on the market. I bought this driver in hopes of hogwn cure my slice. If Callaway would get off their butts and market Hogan products, people would swear by them like they do all the other big name brands. Ben Hogan C-S3 8. Golf Shoes By Brand [-]. Although it didn’t eliminate it completely it sure did help. Posted 25 June – Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

A buddy of mine has one.