Finally it is not bad for a product that many people advised me to buy. Ah little precision, packaging, is lamentable, that sense lugging ca euros. It works pretty smoothly when the wi-fi is disabled. I would do this choice in the same way as when I bought it but now there are more interesting choices. These separate inputs can then be set to use either side A or B of the audio mixer by a simple push of a button.

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I chose the most complete in terms of functionalitydespite a good majority of negative opinions on Behringer in general. Just need the manual.


I guess its due to the Mac’s hardware architecture. Round the back there are the optional phono inputs for adding turntables or two line level devices. It’s still okay for the price but it is really not begringer good product. What is so special that you love the most, least?

Behringer B-control Deejay BCD DJ Mixer | eBay

Otherwise, the law seems legeremnt flu, as if he had rust, and talking about rust, and Output Inpout legeremnts are rusty. But now the really good news.

Map integration and therefore precoute. I have not seen the progress of this release. You can adjust it but you won’t feel it anymore under 10 ms. Excellent stability for the BCD, and regularly updated.


Used more o less the rest of frquemment I and I do not recommend purchasing this Controller I maile twice their customer service, which is supposed to respond in 24 hours, I Always expect the answers. Sort by most recent most useful.

And the two “jogs” that serve scatcher do not work: Those who are lucky to arrive to run properly without worries, but in my case, Bfhringer had blue screens and crashes traktor in times when it really had not and I struggled to make DNSC live with two Denon Considering that I haven’t found a real competitor product on the market I would definitely choose this one again.

At the time, yes, it was the best solution for the use of computers in dances without having paid big bucks for, say, the Xone: Once Traktor behrniger opened, all assignments work instantly and are sensibly configured.

Did you tried many other models before buying it? I use it for mixing in parties indoor and outdoor, lounge and deep house ambiance. BCD with traktor, motivating the price! Installation intuitive, fast and with many using the explanation manual.

No, but after that we found the right subject in the correct forum, it gets better – The manual is clear and sufficient?

Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD review | MusicRadar

I used a BCD two years. This is the all-in-one controller Behringer should have released originally: Controlling the FX section using the four rotaries at the top centre of the unit works well and enables fast control of FX flourishes and fills.


Low, medium, treble adjustable by, Kill for everyone, we really feel like a DJ table hands. But I had to return the first one I got because the right jog was faulty.

Traktor LE is good software. Are they often updated?

I received the console with the jog pad left twisted, seemingly before sending it repaired by a technician and a pen we see the brandit remains tjrs twisted, and thus hangs from time to behronger very convenient for scroll pieces, default or not, we should not hope to scratch anythingthe Service recommends to twist my in the other direction, on the phone No I have not tested everything, but some soft mix definitely seems to ignore the buttons and bvd3000 of the BCD – The general configuration is easy?

What software do you use most often?

Log in Become a member. B-contril another brand Behringer, if you read me, I am trying to publish photos of the machine that you sent me, answer me quickly.