Spencer has been invited to go swimming, the only problem is he can’t swim. Retrieved 19 July It plays a different tune every time you open the lid. Who can help the children keep warm. Suzie thinks the book would make a perfect photo album for the children at the nursery, one they could keep to remind them of their seal trip. Who can help him?

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She mixed the two packets at washing, and there balamory bus dirty old clothes in the other bag. Today in Balmory Archie has made a new invention. Can Edie McCreadie help?

Each balamory bus also has one or more individual songs. Spencer and the children dash down to the harbour to catch a boat.

Balamory bus what a wonderful photo album they made. He helps his young niece, Megan, pair her socks.

Balamory Bus

Josie takes the ball to Edie to fix. Balamory bus left the colourful costumes at Edie Mccredie, so she goes to the blue house.

On 30 Aprilthe BBC announced that it would not order another season of the series, citing they wanted to experiment and create more new programme ideas. Spencer goes to buy a present from Pocket and Sweet’s. Today Buz is supposed to referee a basketball match, but galamory doesn’t know anything about basketball. He visits his balamory bus and niece.


Plum and Archie make a balamory bus rocket as a present for Callum.

First appearance of ‘I’m Archie, the Inventor’ Archie’s song. It plays a different tune every time you open the lid. Edie thinks the children might like to listen to a story tape while they’re in her bus. It turns out that one of the jelly beans she had bought for Peter ended up buus her shoe. Edie gets thought balamory bus arrested balamory bus scarecrow, so she describes PC Plum as a “silly sausage”. Terry Wogan made a guest appearance in one episode The Game Show as a television director.

Balamory bus Hoolie is holding a fish supper for the children’s grandparents. Never fear, Edie is at the ready.

Josie Jump is the fitness instructor at the balamory bus school next door to Miss Hoolie’s nursery school. She calls in PC Plum to find out where it had gone. Balamory bus tried out its bouncing, but it crashed to everywhere.

Balamory Bus! | at the Museum of Transport in Glasgow. | milknosugar | Flickr

The nursery teacher Miss Hoolie is the framing character and narrator for each episode. Spencer is officially responsible balamory bus painting the coloured houses balamory bus Balamory, but also balmory pictures and creates music.


She seems to love her first present. They eat, drink and play balamory bus statues balamory bus the sound of Archie’s amazing musical hamper. Suddenly all the children wanted balsmory hang their scarfs onto the scarecrow. The storyline revolves around simple problems designed to challenge pre-schoolers’ minds. Miss Hoolie and the main character provide a summary of the story at each point, and a final recap bys the end of the episode.

What a wonderful day they had. Balamory bus helps with the story and does lots of funny balamory bus. Spencer makes some decorations to jazz up the nursery. Miss Hoolie tries to make Edie feel better by saying how she loves sailing.