Suspend and Hibernation Problems Another issue involves suspend and hibernation. This works fine with kernel 3. Sorry, obvious, but mentioning anyway. You can check that Compiz is fully operationnal by installing compiz-configuration-manager with Synatptics. Increase both Mic Boosts to on left channel and use c to set them to 0 on right channel.

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[ubuntu] Wireless card not active in Acer Aspire One [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

The netbook display and the HDMI display resolutions are kept separate. Legacy BD you need an external Blu-ray drive since the netbook does not have an internal drive of its own.

However, this is due to ubuuntu problem with the Flash 11 plugin, not the netbook, the hardware, Direless If you enter the BIOS F2 on boot and change the boot order to make sure that Network boot comes first in the list, you should not have any more freezing issues. Both the RAM and the hard drive can be replaced. Linux works, onne you are on your own and you had better know what you are doing. If you have attempted various other fixes, a reinstall would be easiest way to get it back to correct state, or make the BIOS change and then try a live CD to confirm before reinstalling.

Freezing where I can move the mouse with ease but nothing responds to clicks But ubnutu This article is now deprecated. How well does Linux run on the Acer Aspire One ?


There is a problem with blacklisted drivers. Also, the Aspire One plays p Flash videos smoothly in windows maximized to fill as much of the screen as possible, so this is another way to watch Flash 11 videos larger than the embedded defaults.

Linux on Acer Aspire One 722-0369

Scenes involving high action reduce the framerate to a mere slideshow. My goal was to achieve something similar to Ultrabook spec in power and portability, but for considerably cheaper. PowerDVD had no problems, so this must be a codec issue. How did it perform on the netbook?

After installing the latest Flash Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Graphics look good even though high quality settings are not possible, and the game responds well to input an external mouse is essential.

The automatic options from the Ubuntu repositories are all too old. It ships with a newer kernel than Crunchbang, but still had the following issues: It does, and it runs better than on the LTU and offers performance as good as or maybe better than Windows 7.

It is unknown whether it is still required to install After the AMD drivers are installed, the Ubuntu display manager no longer works as well, so use the Catalyst manager instead. Opening the case is easy.


There is also the “old” script called acerfand. This is probably a codec issue and not a fault of Ubuntu or the netbook. The keys are larger than the LTU which make it easy to type, but noticeable keyboard flex is present. However, the effect is very noticeable on the Aspire One compared to a desktop monitor.

Chili in this regard, “I like what I like. AR Wireless Network Adapter rev 01 freezes the system. Resume fails with Utopic kernels, such as 3.

Acer Aspire One Netbook | Delightly Linux

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